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Employee’s File Record

When the provider needs to hire one or more assistant for the child care, while complying with the rules of DCFS, you will have to make a file record for those employees.
The following documents must be in the file record in the order that they are presented.

List of Documents/Needed Forms

Personal Information and Other

* First name, last name, phone , address, e-mail
* Emergency contact information
* Position
* Starting day

Personal Record

* Resume
* Copy of IDs and social security card
* Physical Exam form (re-examination every two years)   
* First Aid, CPR, and Heimlich maneuver certificates

Mandatory DCFS Forms

* Authorization for background check   
* Background check roster   
* Acknowledgement of mandated reporter status   
* Report of persons employed in a child care facility   
* Information on person employed in a child care facility   

Other Important Documents

* Three reference letters verified by the provider
* Signed Statement that they have reviewed the Licensing Standards
* Proof of Educational Achievement
* Continued Education Certificates and/or verification (15 hours per year)


* School bus Driver Permit
* Driver Application
* Medical Report
* Driver Record (yearly updated)
* Medical Examination (yearly updated)
* Clean Driver Record History is required (within 5 year period)
* Moving Violation Tickets (within 12 months)


* Certified in Food Service Sanitation