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Organization of Documentation

Each provider is free to organize their documentation in the manner it deems proper. However, DCFS requires an organization of the child's file (type and forms sequence) and also you must have its own daycare forms.
Note, that the organization of the documentation is the first step in analyzing any situation of your business and will enable you to be eligible for certain credits in the quality system implemented by Action for Children.
Below, we propose an accepted way to organize all your documentation:
State forms (DCFS)
Daycare's own forms
Others documents

Received Document Files
 State payments of financial aid
 State payments of the food program
 State assistance report (food program, yellow paper, no internet)
 Others documents

Files of Active Internal Documents 
Arrival and departure record (control)
Parent’s co-payment
Training (yearly updated)
 Certificate of the accreditations
 License renewals
Finance control
 Others documents

Files of Passive Internal Documents 
 Topics of aid programs
Topics of accreditations
 Others documents